Don't forget the free Bold Choices for a Better Future seminar in Christchurch on Sunday 18th April. This is the provocative first seminar in the Resilient Economy Series, entailing a pragmatic 360˚ view of the economy, its problems and their possible solutions.

The seminar features excellent leaders, provides an opportunity for you to participate and was extremely well received in Auckland two weeks ago. The venue is Mancan House,  First Floor, 253 Cambridge Terrace  (Cnr Manchester Street & Cambridge Terrace ), 1.00-5.00pm.


Ganesh is well known for his media commentary on New Zealand’s economic options, based on the in-depth research provided by BERL Forecasts. Ganesh will profile our economic reality in simple everyday language, point to poor policy decisions from the past and contrast them with potentially better policy options that have been adopted elsewhere.


As a business journalist, Rod helps companies, not-for-profits, government agencies and other organisations capitalise on seismic shifts in global economic, environmental and social trends. He was named the Landcorp 2009 Agricultural Communicator of the Year and he is a finalist in the 2010 Vero Excellence in Business Support Awards.


John as a seasoned director and founder of several New Zealand companies (and the CEO of the Manufacturers and Exporters Association) will explain the board room needs and concerns of our fragile tradable economy, why this sector is so critical to New Zealand and what policy settings will lead to increased investment in this sector.


Selwyn, from his perspective as a company builder and recent inductee into New Zealand’s prestigious High Tech Hall of Fame, will talk about New Zealand’s past economic investments, their impact and how it could have been. He will put these issues in the context of how they have and continue to affect, the real economy.

Register for the Christchurch seminar.

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