A group of economics students, Making a Difference with Economics (MADE), from the University of Auckland Department of Economics, is going to discuss its concerns and hopes for the New Zealand economy. They will be presenting on the theme of intergenerational inequity.

This will be a challenging experience. If our economy continues to decline, the chances are these students will have to work a lot longer than this generation, pay for their own health care and clean up the planet after we have finished messing it up.

These students will go on to careers as opinion leaders and economists across the globe and will influence their generation.

What are their issues? Are they prepared to face the challenges we seem happy to avoid?

This free seminar, introduced and moderated by Associate Professor Rhema Vaithianathan, will be held 6.00-7.30pm, Wednesday 20th October 2010, in Room 310, Decima Glenn, Owen Glenn Building, University of Auckland Business School.

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