walley2John Walley is an experienced shareholder, director, manager and technologist with significant international experience in strategy, technology, product development, operations and intellectual property management.

John was previously a business development and engineering director at Gallagher, a director of Industrial Research, Stabi-Craft Marine, and chair of Canterprise, Nanotechnology Devices and Prolificx.

Six years as a Crown Research Director, thirteen years as an active member of the Technology New Zealand reference group, and many years experience in manufacturing and new product development gives John a broad and pragmatic view of the world.

He has taught commercial innovation papers on the University of Waikato Master of Business Administration programme.

Currently, in addition to being a director Imarda, he is a director of Hamer, a director and shareholder of Powerhouse, and a Chair and shareholder of Horotane Investments and ProActive Software Limited.

John is also a founder and shareholder of several other companies that offer software as service solutions in the psychological testing, systems compliance and medical device domains.

He consults to a number of companies in South Africa, USA, Australia, UK and France.

Mistakes, failures and sufficient success for hope to transcend experience form a long-term commitment to the development of the high technology manufacturing sector in New Zealand; this drives him in his role as Chief Executive of the New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

John has an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering, is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Engineers NZ, a Fellow of the Institute of Management NZ and a Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers in the UK.

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