Don't forget the free Fabian Society lecture and discussion tonight (Tuesday 23 March) in Auckland. Right now the choices that we are making as a country will have a huge impact for the future of NZ. There has never been such an urgent need for a debate to be had about what kind of country we want to live in and to leave to future generations.

Choices and Consequences: The 2010 Budget is the first lecture in Fabian Society's Resilient Economy Series. Peter Harris, well-known economist, will outline an progressive alternative context for this year's budget. Selwyn Pellett, of the Productive Economy Council, will give a business perspective. There will also be an opportunity for you to participate.



Peter Harris has been observing and commenting on economic policy and performance for over thirty years. He has been an academic, worked in the trade union movement, and was economic advisor to Finance Minister Michael Cullen from late 1999 to mid 2002. He specialises in challenging mainstream economic doctrine, and in cutting through jargon to present his analysis in lay terms.


Selwyn has spent 15 years chipping away at industry groups, politicians, journalist, blogs and anyone who will listen about New Zealand’s flawed economic policies. He will lead the Q+A and keep it focused!

The lecture will be held at in the Decima Glenn Room (Rm 310), University of Auckland, Owen Glenn Building, 10 Grafton Road, commencing at 5:30pm. There is a map on the registration page and parking is available under the Owen Glenn Building,

You can register for the Auckland (23 March), Wellington (24 March) or Christchurch (28 April) free lecture and join us for the ground breaking Resilient Economy Series


Remember that copies of presentations from last week's Bold Choices for a Better Future seminar are available for download.


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