‘Brexit’ and political instability in the United Kingdom; ongoing prime ministerial instability in Australia and presidential unsuitability in the United States define the main symptoms of the disruptions elsewhere in the Anglosphere. The central question for tonight’s discussion is, therefore: might New Zealand also face an electoral disturbance like that recently experienced in these three other Anglosphere countries?

88 years ago a mass migration of economic refugees was occurring in Kurow, North Otago as desperate families moved into the area in search of work from the Waitaki hydroelectric dam.

How serious is the threat that current banking and financial systems pose to a stable, safe and secure future?  Are there aspects that can be easily fixed, or is drastic reform needed?  Is the state of the financial and banking sector such that it is a major global driver, and something that needs careful factoring into strategic considerations?  This article by Dr Robert Howell covers his recent Wellington presentation and describes the likely risk of another 2008 financial crash, considers the effectiveness and efficiency of the current system, and evaluates whether the current system enables a solution to the threat of ecological collapse. Read more


AnnPettiforLondon-based macro-economist Ann Pettifor is best known as one of the few economists who predicted the 2007-2008 GFC. She also led the Jubilee movement which resulted in billions of debt relief for 49 of the world's poorest countries in 2000.

In 2014 Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand put together two dozen short YouTube videos about the major threats to our current way of life, and some of the actions that are needed to enable a prosperous future for humans on this Earth.  They identify an economic system that enables us to live within the capacity to support human life, and the major global drivers that will impact on our future choices.

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Robert Howell