When did we get so mean spirited and violent towards people in need? - Darrin Hodgetts - 1 Sept - AKL

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You may have heard Prof. Darrin Hodgetts recently on RadioNZ. discussing NZ's punitive approach to poverty

The government’s response to inequality is hard to believe. Too much of the concern has amounted to platitudes in the face of evidence! How did they become so blinkered when it comes to addressing poverty? When will the anger about the inequality clearly seen in any walk down a street in New Zealand turn to momentum for change? This is not the nation we have been, want to be or must accept. There is a prevailing socio-economic model that is not working. The focus of the economy and social policy needs to be put back on inclusion and supporting human flourishing.

Darrin is professor of Societal Psychology at Massey University. Prior to his current post he held a chair in Community Psychology at the University of Waikato, a lectureship in Psychology and Media at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (where he remains a research fellow), and a Post-doctoral Fellowship in Community Medicine at Memorial University in Canada.

His research interests lie in the domains of urban poverty, homelessness, health inequalities, and human flourishing. For Darrin, scholarly research is a collaborative endeavour that extends beyond the academy to working with rather than doing research on various marginalised communities and social services.

Darrin’s publications reflect a societal orientation to social science that spans societal, health, liberation, critical and community psychologies; as well as human geography, urban studies, public health, media and cultural studies, sociology, and indigenous studies. Darrin’s research is widely showcased in international textbooks across several disciplines, has informed social service developments, and has been used in training for Psychologists, the NZ Judiciary (Institute of Justice), and Public Health Professionals. Darrin is currently co-editing the new Sage Handbook of Applied Social Psychology and has co-authored Urban Poverty, Penal Welfare and Health Inequalities for Routledge. 

September 1st, 2016 6:30 PM through  8:00 PM
1 McDonald Street
Auckland Polish Society
Auckland, AUK 1025
New Zealand