We said we would try to bring content to the attention of the Fabians network through the lockdown and are working on several possibilities. Meanwhile, this is an article that caught my eye and in correspondence with the author we have come up with this package looking at the opportunity now presented to address the water quality problem in New Zealand. 

The original article was this one by Tom Kay, the Freshwater Advocate at Forest & Bird, in The Guardian, 'By failing to protect our water we have failed everything New Zealanders value'.

Tom noted that Forest & Bird has continued its work to protect nature during the lockdown. You can find an update on what Tom has been working on during the lockdown here.

Tom also made a brief video for us answering three questions on a) the nature of his own research on freshwater, b) what policies and strategies we need so that we protect freshwater purity and the values we sustain as New Zealanders, and c) what we can do now at our local level for freshwater.  The video link is here.

In the video, Tom mentions that F&B has come up with a raft of ideas for a sustainable economic recovery post COVID-19. Those ideas can be found here.

Finally, to support Forest & Bird’s work we have provided a link to their donations page. Please be generous in supporting their important work.

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