2011 – A Big Year for New Zealand

The response to the 2010 Fabian seminars on the Resilient Economy indicates that there is a widespread desire for a critical assessment of the failed economic models of the last thirty years. The Fabians strongly reject the neo-liberal slogan ‘there is no alternative’ (TINA). Instead, we believe ‘there are real alternatives' (TARA), and we have aimed to supply alternatives to assist the debate.

The New Zealand economy remains stalled. The Government talks about the need to promote the export sector but there is still no evidence of a detailed and determined plan to shift the focus and build a stronger future for the next generations. Our program this year will feature around the "Plan for the Productive Economy" series.

Fabians 2011 Seminar program

The Plan for the Productive Economy”

Rick Boven, NZ Institute

Owen Glenn Business School, Auckland, 6:30pm, Monday  4 April

Bernard Hickey, interest.co.nz

Ellen Melville Hall, High Street, Auckland, 6:30pm Thursday 21 April

Rick Boven, NZ Institute

St John's Church Hall, Wellington, 6pm Tuesday 17 May

Bank regulation, exchange rate policy, overseas debt, and asset sales: how to untangle them?

Dr Geoff Bertram, Institute of Policy Studies
Connolly Hall,  Wellington, 5:30pm Tuesday 31 March

Reconstructing Christchurch”

Peter Harris & Hon Lianne Dalziel MP

St John's Church Hall, Wellington, 5:30pm Wednesday 27 April

Inequality in New Zealand”

Dr David Craig

St John's Church Hall, Wellington, 5:30pm Wednesday 11 May

Squandering the demographic bonus”

Profs Ian Pool and Natalie Jackson

Ellen Melville Hall, High Street, Auckland CBD,  Thursday 9 June


Taxing Capital gains in New Zealand”

Prof Craig Elliffe and Chye-ching Huang

Owen Glenn Building, Auckland Business School, 6:30pm Thursday 5 May

Further seminars and venues will be advised as soon as they are finalised.We intend to mix the standard lectures with more interactive debates, and continue to seek presenters who are expert and committed to New Zealand's future. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. are welcome.

Annual General Meeting

The Society has now incorporated, and an Annual General Meeting will be held in June. Date and venue will be advised later.


We would like to thank all of you who have made it along to the seminars or followed us on line. Thanks for being interested enough to join the debate and add to the growing chorus of those who believe urgent action is needed if NZ is to retain control over its own future.

Please continue the conversation with family and friends, delve into our growing archive of papers and presentations.


Mike Smith, Chair

for Paul Chalmers, Barbara Ward, Bryan Nunweek, Selwyn Pellett, Jordan Carter, and Phil Harington, Committee.