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New Zealand’s Economic Model - Time for a Complete Rethink - AKLD

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I think New Zealand needs to have a debate about capital controls, about foreign ownership of assets, about measures to control our currency and about being openly nationalistic rather than internationalistic about our economic policy.

Bernard Hickey, Interest.co.nz


hickeyBernard Hickey
Director, Interest.co.nz

pellettSelwyn Pellett
Director, Imarda

It is time for our politicians to stop throwing the old left and right labels around with regard to economic policy, and to start thinking about right and wrong. The policies we need are those that will allow us to succeed as a tiny nation in the middle of nowhere, and we need to judge such policies on their merits, and not on throw-away labels. Right now, the empirical data appears to strongly support new policies, especially when measured against the failure of the Washington Consensus in serving our economy.

Selwyn Pellett, Imarda

Bernard Hickey and Selwyn Pellett will lead this free seminar, to be held into Case Room 2 (260-057), Business School, University of Auckland 

6:00 to 7:30pm on Friday 26th November. You can register here.
November 26th, 2010 6:00 PM
1 McDonald Street
Auckland Polish Society
Auckland, AUK 1025
New Zealand