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Max Rashbrooke - Inequality in New Zealand: why don't we talk more about wealth?

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“Occupy said the problem was the 1% in control. Now they are being reduced to the 0.1% who have the real control. We need to find a way out of this capture or we'll all go down with that last ton of coal”

These are not good times for too many people. Inequality is a destructive feature of the way we live in New Zealand. Poverty has become a topic of concern and renewed conversations. We were keen recently to debate the work of Wilkinson and Pickett and have made Max Rashbrooke’s book on the New Zealand setting a best seller. The narrative for orthodox economic thinking is changing.

Now Thomas Picketty has made wealth inequality an extension of this concern. His research spells out how the concentration of wealth in the hands of so few people will lead to the death of production and a failure of capitalism. See this page and search the links included there.

Venue: Lecture Theatre 3 (Level ‘0’, Room 260-057) Owen Glen Building

 Parking available under the OG Building. 

July 1st, 2014 from  6:30 PM to  8:30 PM
1 McDonald Street
Auckland Polish Society
Auckland, AUK 1025
New Zealand