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{jcomments off}Geoff Bertram has identified the key issues in his analysis of the impact of weak regulation in the electricity sector and also a proposed remedy for it - the single buyer model proposed by Labour and the Greens. He will discuss how such a single buyer could be structured to exercise effective control over prices and asset values in the industry while avoiding several obvious pitfalls, and what the numbers might look like.

The Electricity Authority recently tried to quash the debate on this analysis. Hear Geoff counter such criticisms and answer your questions.

Geoff delivered his lecture "Single Buyer Model for Electricity - Structural Issues" in Wellington on Tuesday 11 February to a large audience.

He will next deliver the lecture in Auckland on Tuesday 25 February in Case Room 2 (Level ‘0’, Room 260-057) Owen Glen Building, University of Auckland. You can register here.

A copy of the lecture presentation can be found in our Publications section here.