The Fabian Society is an independent membership-based policy forum. It aims to provide an open, pluralist space for education and debate on policy, through quality forums, publications and research.


The Society is squarely in the Fabian tradition of applying progressive values to contemporary issues. First established in the UK by Sidney and Beatrice Webb, the UK Society has had a major influence on British policy formation in its 100+ years of work.


The Fabian approach is important because it is about action as well as ideas. Fabian publications, events and research are by and for the members in the first instance, and members' contributions online and at events make a material impact to what is published and promoted by the Society. The Society's objective is not only to educate its members, and influence decisionmakers: it is to help build the community of interested and engaged citizens thinking about policy and acting on their progressive ideals to make a difference to the welfare of New Zealand society.


In keeping with the Fabian tradition, the Society does not take formal stances on issues or advocate specific policies. Its publications, research and pamphlets are the responsibility of their authors. There is no collective position for members to be held to, or collective responsibility to uphold. This is the best formula for the diverse, respectful and sharp debates that can drive better policies.


Membership is open to any interested person who endorses the Society's values and approach.

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